Monday Quote

LIVE!!! :) 

Tchau, Carla 


Portrait Of The Artist

Portrait Of The Artist: Sasha Pivovarova By Mikael Jansson For Vogue February 2014

Beautiful Photos!!!

Tchau, Carla 


Editorial Crush: Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom: Iselin Steiro By Sølve Sundsbø For Vogue China February 2014


Tchau, Carla 


Monday Quote

20 things to try or do more of in 2014! Happy Monday!!!

Tchau, Carla 


January's Inspiration

January's inspiration....neutral colors, black, white, anything sparkle, vintage dresses, lace, fringe, one of a kind jewelry pieces, Rumi, photography, beach (of course) ;), headpieces and much more.....enjoy!

Tchau, Carla 


Happy 2014

Happy 2014! I want to thank you all for your support and wish you a bright 2014 full of happiness,love, peace, joy, inspiration, gratitude, beauty, creativity, dreams, trips, happy moments and anything else your heart desires!!! 

Xoxoxo Carla 
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