Designer Crush: Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013

At a Monique Lhuillier show, there are gowns and then there are gowns. The latter are the ones that seem impossible to make—so great the number of beads, so vast the quantity of tulle—and are designed for occasions that come with camera crews. As usual, Lhuillier's show closed with a clutch of these stunners, but it was the cocktail looks that preceded them that gave the collection a splash of modern vitality. A splash because Lhuillier was water-inspired this season (sailing around the Mediterranean will do that to you), and her arresting digital prints had aquatic subjects like an abstracted crane, rounded fish scales, and an oversize koi. By Alison Baenen

Love the water theme, the gowns, the turquoise makeup, beautiful craftsmanship!
Enjoy today's crush! Whats your favorite look?

Tchau, Carla


  1. What a stunning collection - lots of gorgeous coastal colours. I am a big sucker her wedding dresses too ... even though I am already married - I still drool!


    1. Hi Melissah,
      me too, I am a "sucker" for beautiful gowns and hers are exquisite!
      And the colors, one of the main reasons I picked this collection! Beautiful! Glad you enjoyed it too! :)
      xo Carla

  2. Replies
    1. My favorite color, TURQUOISE!!! <3
      xo Carla


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