Swimsuit Crush: Mara Hoffman Resort 2014

Today's Crush: Mara Hoffman Resort 2014

We didn't think it was possible for Mara Hoffman's anthropological prints to get any more intricate after last year's desert-influenced resort show, but then her 2014 collection hit the runway at swim week Saturday night.

In fact, it takes a few studies to take in all the Southern Asia-inspired details. A second look at a flirty ruffled bikini top and matching tote revealed intertwined cobras; a stunning blue tank dress, strapless one-piece, and printed pants contained serpentine secrets of their own. Models walked the runway with a third eye painted on their foreheads and elephants seemed to be everywhere, from literal applications in print on a coverup dress and a rash guard top to the distinctive shape of the models' bound and decorated braids. Heads to tails, it was a trip to India -- with a layover in New York, judging from a group of looks in black and neon tropical foliage.

In fact, among the gorgeous prints and flowing dresses were a black high-wasted bikini and sleeveless minidress whose sharp laser-cut fabric revealed bright papaya in gorgeous pattern underneath. Expect that dress to become a go-to for stylists to indie rock stars and music festival darlings." by Jannie Campbell for The Huffington Post

Stunning collection! Love the colors, designs, the styling! Well done Mara!!! :)

Tchau, Carla 

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