I am so excited to share my latest project!
My challenge was to design a moodboard for a Modani living room that reflected my style.I had a blast looking through the amazing selection of contemporary furniture and accessories.The right piece of furniture or statement accessory can make a room, just as the right pair of shoes or statement necklace can make an outfit, so choose wisely. ;) I picked a beautiful modern sofa, a bookshelf (for all my books and magazines), two stunning rugs (because I love layering), and lots of other fabulous contemporary pieces and accessories that would add a great modern touch to any room in your house. :) Enjoy! 
My challenge was to design a Moodboard for a Modani living room that reflected my style. 

"Modani furniture conceptualizes on contemporary and modern furniture at very affordable prices. With stores in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago, Modani has designed award winning collections of modern sofas, bedroom, dining room and outdoor furniture. The recipe: influences of eccentric furniture and classic designs from around the world fused with minimalist concepts. The wow factor is just around the corner..."  - Modani 

Check out their amazing collection of modern sofas here!

Tchau, Carla 

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