White Magic

White Magic

"Luna…she is the most loyal of companions. 

Physically visited only by a dozen in her lifetime, yet all living (past and present) on earth know her. We see her appear, strong and steadfast, consistent and unwavering, night after night…. she comes to us.

She arrives in many versions; always changing, day by day. Never the same as she was yesterday or who she will become tomorrow. Whether just a sliver of her greater self, or so full her light bursts upon every being across Mother Earth’s surface… no matter her shape, we all find comfort in her arrival.

Luna… a great mirror of our human nature, our greatest comrade when the lights of the world shut off and we lay awake in our mind’s wanderings.

Bright white in appearance after Sun’s falling,  yet below what our eyes can’t see… it is here where her darkness resides… her creases and craters of imperfections. It’s these same impurities and hues of darker matter that enable her to shine light on us all, day after day. She teaches us the necessity for balance and grace, of time and patience.   She is an ear to the lonesome, a hand to the wandering, a rock to the restless, a fire for the imaginative…. drink up the moon, walk hand in hand, cup her with your palms and create life’s white magic by her side."  - Free People 

Happy Friday, enjoy this beautiful Lookbook and article by Free People. Have a great Labor Day weekend! 

Tchau, Carla 

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