Gypsy Queen


There are no words to describe this spread from ELLE Magazine,...Its Spellbinding!!! I adore every single shot. The looks are amazing. Fabulous styling, makeup, setup.  Love the mix of colors, textures and patterns...and of course all the accessories, hats, scarves, belts,  jewelry. Everything is flawless!
I would wear every single outfit. I must have some Gypsy in me, because I would love to live somewhere different every week or month. Just move with the Seasons. Pack my things and go. I am a Gypsy at heart!  Love, love, love this pictures!

Tchau, Carla


  1. Cool....cool......pics. Love the gypsy look!

  2. Carla this is amazing....and it is so you...and I agree a little bit of gipsy blood or heritage on our family for sure...the colours, textures so so beautiful on that shoot...

  3. Cant wait to check your next post...you need to visit england and bring some of that sassy good taste into our lifes...

  4. Love these pix!!! Gorgeous photos, I want a bunch of those clothes!!! :)


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