With the Hollidays fast aproaching....AHHHHHHHHHHHH....here are a few goodies that your hubby, family, friends ( or yourself, after all you are your best friend) can get you...without braking bank. Enjoy!!! Happy Friday! YAY! Here is my list :
  1. Ae Striped Cable Trapper Hat
  2. Rogue Rhinestone Shoeclip
  3. A Real Hoot Canister
  4. Madame C Clutch
  5. My Wonderful Word of Fashion
  6. Laguna iPad Case
  7. Multi Stripe Beret
  8. Rhinestone Crest Belt (this one is on my Santa list...let's hope I was nice this year)
  9. Seed Bead Drape Necklace
  10. Baroque Inspiration Frame
  11. Cupcake Floss (lol)
  12. Aerie Fair Isle Slipper
  13. Silver Glitter Clasp Purse
  14. Sephora Favorites Rollerball Collection
  15. Secrets Of Stylists Book
  16. Curious Decidious Plates
  17. Shimmering Jewelry Box
  18. Ae Feather Statement Necklace
  19. Dalila Turquoise Ornament
  20. Bow Peep Headband
  21. Aerie Soft Shine Tank
  22. Montenarte Statement Ring
  23. Dodge Shimmer Crossbody Clutch
  24. Fringe and Feather Hair Clip
  25. Hammered Stud Hip Belt
  26. Deux Lux AE Houndstooth Clutch
  27. Keep Calm and Carry On Bandages
  28. Aerie Faux Fur Striped Trapper Hat
  29. Homegrown Monogram Mugs
Shopping Reference: American Eagle 1,5,15,18 and 26
Aeri 12 and 28
Anthropologie 3,16,20 and 29
Forever 21 10 and 17
Free People 2,4,6,7,8,19,22,23,24 and 25
Top Shop 9 and 13

PS I know 29 is a weird number...I ran out of room. Lol! Which goodies would you like....
PSS Check Facebook I will be posting more goodies...throughout the day.

Tchau, Carla

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