Me...My Life and I

Hi...welcome to my Blog...a new and exciting challenge. I'm Carla, born and raised in the South of Portugal now living in the USA. Blogging has been on my mind for awhile....and today is THE day! So here it goes...some facts about me:
  • Love the Beach
  • Fashion drives me 
  • Have a passion for Photography
  • Teal is my favorite color
  • Very ambitious...some people might call it stubbornness. LOL!
  • Dance and music are in my DNA
  • Love dogs
  • Do not like the cold... 
  • Adore my family, friends and my job

I will be sharing bits of my life and interests with you...hope you enjoy!!!

Check out where I work (the Boutique's blog)

Tchau, Carla


  1. Love it! Huge step....it's going to be amazing! So proud of ya xoxo!

  2. Yay!! Way to go hottie! So awesome!!

  3. Encantada com o teu blog, sempre pensei em fazer um mas nunca tive tempo/oportunidade.
    Vou procurar fazer comentários construtivos. Boa sorte. :)

  4. Cristina Rodrigues DiasDecember 5, 2011 at 5:51 AM

    Maninha this is great and you look amazing, looking forward to read more and more...very proud of my little sister...cant wait to see your fashion tips...

  5. Love this blog. i have one too but it was from 2 years ago and haven't been on it since :S and now I can't even log onto it... grrrr. Anyway, i've been browsing through and you have amazing taste and keep it up. we want more carrrrllaaaa. hehe x

  6. The comment above was from meeee... Carmen, hah. I was trying to use thee name of my old blog and it got confused and it should be Carmen Dias now. sorry for being confusing :D


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